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IMLITEX ENERGY – one of the largest independent suppliers of NATURAL GAS to business customers in Lithuania

We have supply contracts with the worlds‘ largest LNG exporters, hence, we can adjust to each individual client‘s needs and offer flexible supply solutions. To our business customers we offer fixed, floating or mixed pricing, so if you are looking for a natural gas provider, please  fill out the contact form here and we will contact you. You can also contact us by email gas@imlitex.com and we will discuss your needs and terms of the natural gas supply.

About us: JSC Imlitex is part of Imlitex Holdings group, which is the most diversified and largest commodity suppliers in Eastern Europe. Imlitex Holdings offers more than 3500 commodities and raw materials to industrial companies, including natural gas. Our brand Imlitex Energy unites not only natural gas, but electricity supply as well.

Our services: We offer „3 in 1“ service to our clients, combining the supply, distribution and transmission of natural gas in one contract.

  • Supply of natural gas: We offer floating, fixed, or mixed price plans for natural gas supply.
    • Under the fixed price plan, fixed price of natural gas will be applied throughout the whole contract period. This makes it easier to manage costs as well as the supplier bears the risk of price fluctuations. However, there is no possibility to save more if market prices fall. This plan is recommended for the clients, who are using natural gas during the cold season and want stable costs.
    • Under the floating price plan, the prices change every month and are calculated by adding a supplier’s margin to the TTF index price. This is the most popular price plan in Lithuania, but it makes the management of the costs more complex as the risks of price fluctuations stay with the client. This plan is recommended for the clients who have stable consumption throughout the year as it saves costs during the off-season.
    • Mixed pricing plan is a mixture of both fixed and floating price plans, where part of the natural gas is bought for a fixed price, and the remaining part – for the floating price. Fixing the price for a share of supply ensures that at least part of the costs will remain stable; and leaving the floating price for the remaining volume ensures that some share of costs will decrease if market prices fall. This plan is recommended for clients who want to reduce the risks of market price fluctuations.
  • Additional services: Natural gas distribution and transmission services, and administration of any other tariffs. When you choose us as your natural gas supplier, you will sign only one contract that will include not only the supply of natural gas but also:

Why choose us?

  • We will advise and assess which price plan is the best for you, considering the structure of your gas consumption and changes in the market.
  • You will no longer have to worry about additional gas transmission and distribution contracts – everything will be included in one contract and bill.
  • If you need electricity, we can provide that as well.
  • We can help you save as we consult on topics like gas transmission and consumption capacities, their optimization and balancing of natural gas, so that you could incur the lowest possible costs.
  • We will help you understand natural gas market, provide price forecasts and any other relevant information.
  • You will be able to use Imlitex Energy self-service portal, where we provide information about your gas consumption, assigned consumption capacities and where you will be able to easily declare your gas usage.
  • We will value you as long-term partners, so you will have individual customer service.
  • We can accommodate all clients, from very small to very big ones, as we have various natural gas providers.
  • As we are part of Imlitex Holdings group, you can buy not only gas or electricity from us, but also many other raw materials and commodities at a very competitive price.