Please send all your questions to gas@imlitex.com.

If you want to get our natural gas supply offer, please indicate:

  • Company name
  • Contact details (name, phone number and email address)
  • Estimated annual natural gas consumption (MWh)

Alternatively, you can fill our request form here.

If you want to change your natural gas supplier, you need to:

  • Sign a contract with a new supplier;
  • Inform your previous supplier about the cancellation of the contract and indicate the last month‘s natural gas consumption figures;
  • Important note: AB “ESO” should be informed no later than 3 weeks before the start of the new supply, so the contract with a new supplier should be signed until 10th day of the month before the supply month;
  • It will not cost you to change the supplier.

Then, the new supplier informs AB “ESO” about the start of the natural gas for a new customer.

  1. The price of natural gas (applied according to the contract – fixed, floating or mixed);
  2. Services of the distribution system operator (AB „ESO“): distribution of natural gas by price group for the consumed quantity;
  3. Services of transmission system operator (AB “Amber Grid”):
  • Transmission capacities;
  • Consumption capacities;
  • Tariff for the transmitted quantity;
  1. Supply security tariff;
  2. Natural gas excise duty.

Payment terms are determined in the natural gas supply agreement and an invoice for the respective supply month is issued according to quantities provided by the DSO.

No, you do not have to. We, as your supplier, are responsible for a whole natural gas supply process, so that our client can sign only one contract and get only one bill with all taxes and tariffs included.

You can conveniently declare your natural gas readings on our self-service website, where you can also see your declared consumption at the end of the month.

More information about the ICE-Dutch TTF index (including the prices of the futures), can be found here. This index is the most widely used index in Europe, forming the basis of all major natural gas contracts (purchase and sale). As the values ​​of the index are available to everyone, this index also provides more clarity and transparency.