UAB Imlitex is one of the biggest independent natural gas suppliers for business in Lithuania. The company belongs to Imlitex Holdings group, which is the most diversified and largest commodity and raw materials supplier in Eastern Europe. Imlitex Holdings has over 25 years of experience in commodity trade, a wide portfolio of 3500 products and business partnerships in over 70 countries. You can find more information about our group here.


To our natural gas clients/ business partners we offer:

CONVENIENCE: We offer „3 in 1“ service for our clients – our contract includes natural gas supply, transmission and distribution services. We also manage client‘s consumption imbalances and optimize transmission capacity to minimize costs.

STABILITY: We are able to sell and supply large quantities of natural gas.

FLEXIBILITY: We do our best for the client – if you have non-standard needs, we will always look for ways to meet them.

MORE THAN GAS: Imlitex Holdings offers more than 3500 different products and services, so you can get most of the raw materials you need from one source.