The amount of green power, which is made from renewable energy sources is seen as constantly increasing. It is the reason this feature is becoming more and more attractive for majority of businesses. Why green power? Businesses that use renewable energy become a part of “environmental protection” group that is doing its best to minimize the usage of CO2 in our planet.

IMLITEX is one of the largest independent electrical power suppliers in Baltic region. By this day we can ensure that all Imlitex Holdings business groups are using green power. Our Holding is hoping to encourage more consumers to choose this path and be a part of responsible community.

IMLITEX owns renewable energy brand “Baltic Green Energy” which gives labeled certificates to all their customers who buys green power in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. All our customers can use this brand in their communication. At this point, companies show their social responsibility and emphasize their view point to sustainable business.

Do you know?
• Green power can be supplied by one of three price plans chosen: fixed prices, variable prices, mixed prices.
• Business companies that are in need to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Swan (Nordic Ecolabel) or other international certificates must use renewable energy in their main activities.
• With economies of scale and innovation, renewable energy is already becoming the most sustainable solution not only for the environment, but also economically for global energy.