Efficient use of energy is the use of certain energy saving measures in order to increase the economic benefit and social responsibility of business.

One of the most used resources on the planet is electricity and until now 38.30 % of it is produced from coal, due to which releases a large amount of CO2 gas.


Considering the tendencies of the 21st century, the sustainable business must be socially responsible.

At first glance, improving the efficiency of energy usage might seem just to be seeking for an economic benefit for your own business. However, optimizing energy consumption is one of the most important social responsibilities of the company.

By using electricity efficiently you don’t just create economic benefit for your business, but also contribute to a brighter and cleaner future of the whole planet and future generations.


Clients of Imlitex Energy using “green energy” have a responsible approach to environmental issues and confirm the fact that they are actually contributing to the reduction of CO2 emission. Which is significant not just to you, but to your potential customers as well, as environmental protection is gaining increased importance in social life.

Confirming this, we provide the users of “green electricity” with the certificates and the right to use the Baltic Green Energy trademark in their activities.


Try to use less electricity in peak hours

One of the simplest ways to lower your electricity bills is to use less electricity in peak hours from 9:00 am. To 17:00 pm. when electricity is most expensive.

Buy devices with higher energy class

Most devices have a specified energy class the higher the energy class of the device the more energy efficient it is. A+ and higher energy class appliances are the most efficient.

Use rechargeable batteries

If possible use rechargeable batteries for devices that require batteries. Studies have found that rechargeable batteries are more cost effective than disposable ones.


One of the ways for the commercial user to increase market competitiveness is to optimize own energy consumption costs (for example, the cost of goods/services can be reduced), but usually it requires an investment. Meanwhile, the priorities of the companies are the costs associated with their direct activities.

We offer you energy saving by using our company investment without any extra investment on your own!

How does our suggested energy saving model work?

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