An independent electricity supplier UAB „Imlitex last year doubled electricity revenue. One of the important growth constituents has been the cooperation with Swedish concern „Vattenfall“.

„The sale of electricity last year increased up to 22.2 mln. EUR and in 2016 this index amounted to 10,1 mln. EUR, – Regimantas Juska, Head of Electricity business department told VZ (newspaper „Verslo Zinios“ /Business News/). – „We are planning a marked growth in 2018 as well“. According to the collocutor electricity sales are mostly growing due to the cooperation with „Vattenfall“. The Partnership Agreement with the Swedes was signed a bit more than a year ago. „Imlitex“ has been trading in electricity since 2010. In 2016 electricity sales amounted to about 4% of the turnover of Imlitex Holdings group to which „Imlitex“ belongs. In 2017 this index already amounted to about 7.5%. Imlitex Holdings is a specialized group providing raw materials uniting several tens of companies in Lithuania and other European states.

Protection from price volatility

Established power links with Finland and Sweden improved grid infrastructure and made Baltic market more attractive to investors. “It was very important to have a reliable local partner for „Vattenfall“ – this is our first serious achievement in integration in the Baltic market. Imlitex has met all the requirements for our partner in Lithuania. Coincident values and ambitions have become the basis of our partnership“, – told Johan Hagsten, Head of „Vattenfall“ Sales and Development of the Nordic Countries. „Having become Swedish partners we can better satisfy the needs of the customers and ensure a competitive electricity price in the region, – Mr. Juska assures. – „A partner of such level ensures the protection from the price fluctuations occurring in the market as well. So we are even more secure regarding our obligations to the consumers which can feel more secure when concluding long-term electricity supply contracts. “We also see new opportunities through this partnership as Vattenfall is one of the bigest ‘green’energy producers in the region. We now have the ability to supply certified renewable electricity to our customers, says Regimantas Juška. We use „Baltic Green Energy“ trademark which can be used by all the buyers of green electricity in their communication“.

Price is not determined only by quantity

According to Mr. Juska „Imlitex“ can also offer better electricity price due to the fact that the Imlitex holdings group trades more than 3,000 different raw material products. Customer who buys more than one raw material can expect a more favourable price. „Besides the price of electricity often depends not on the purchased amount, but on the profile of the customer, – Mr. Juska explained. – „Better price can be determined by more even consumption of electricity as well as many other aspects. Any flexible consumer can get a better price. It does not matter if you are a farmer or a giant electricity consumer.” According to the collocutor another very important aspect usually not taken into consideration is the moment of concluding the agreement. As the price of electricity fluctuates a lot during a year, consumers with possibility to conclude the agreement anytime can gain.

Source: “Verslo Žinios